Culture, Health & Tourism Management

The course in Culture, Health & Tourism Management aims to develop the innovative formula of health tourism.

The initiative of the Fondazione Turano which involved 49 people from Crotone during 2018, was funded by the Centro Salute Turano (Turano Health Center), the by the Fondazione Ozanam – S. Vincenzo De Paoli non-profit organization and the Humantias Unversity Consortium, founded by the LUMSA University, by the Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital in Rome, the Sacro Cuore Catholic University of Rome and the Department of Neuroscience of the University Federico II of Naples.

“We want to offer young people in the Crotone area a concrete opportunity to promote local, cultural and environmental heritage, professional training in the health tourism field”.

Dr Caterina Podella Turano during the Press Conference for the presentation of the course, Monday 14 January 2018, hours 11:00