Human care, health and well-being are our goals, which are achieved thanks to the investments in research, innovation and spread of health culture through training in the field of Neuroscience.

Promotional and experiment research activities in the field of Neuroscience and social promotion and diffusion of health culture are carried out exclusively to pursue scientific and social solidarity purposes in the field of health care.

As a Foundation we operate on several fronts:

– Promoting a health culture that is not limited to molecular medicine but that is accompanied by listening therapies for the patient and their socio-familial context.

– Planning a careful activity of training courses of excellence, both in the context of the original interests of the Foundation, and on specific commission of other bodies. In this regard, a special impetus is given to international partners.

– Funding study and research activities in the field of neuroscience, to implement innovative therapeutic methods in the field of prevention and treatment of mental disorders, dementias, autism spectrum disorders and adolescent problems such as DCA, ADHD, BES, DSA.

– Highlighting the need for attention to caregiving and the subjects that manage and active it, also in lien with new regulations on inclusive welfare.

– Organizing events to raise awareness among young people and field professionals on the issues in question.

– Identify collaboration paths with day centers, UVAs, hospitals, private clinics, associations/foundations/research bodies to disseminate correct information and fight against the widespread prejudice towards senility, difficult adolescence and the stigma that affects patients in the state of mental distress.

– Develop in partnership with the aforementioned subjects therapeutic protocols and supportive treatment activities, not substitutes for drug therapies, for the construction of a space for the prevention of psychological decay of the third age, capable of experimenting good practices from health tourism to wellness planning.

– Building (through workshops, periodic update meetings, agile publications and conferences) networks of relationships and communication between public and private bodies, with the aim of monitoring large territorial areas, carrying out contextual analysis of the pathological onset, stimulating skills/knowledge directed to a more incisive intervention in the problems of the brain and mind.

Thanks to fundraising, the Fondazione Turano supports scientific and medical-technological refresher projects of strategic importance for the continuous neuro-scientific and assistance growth. Social, cultural, economic, working and educational reception projects constitute a primary value that is integrated into the path of promoting the study and assistance of neuroscience.