Our history

The Fondazione Turano Onlus is a non-profit organization that pursues scientific, training and social interests through training programs and research projects on the functioning of the brain at national and international level.

The Foundation was recognized as a Legal Person of Private Law by the Lazio Region with Decree no. of 24/01/2018 and is registered in the register of Legal Persons of the Lazio Region at No. (DPR /2018).

The President of the Foundation is Dr. Carmelo Turano, neurologist and neurosurgeon and specialist in Neurosurgery – University of Rome, in Neurology – University of Milan, and neurosurgical Research Fellow – Western Ontario University. Dr. Turano è is a well-known expert in Alzheimer’s senile dementia.

The history of the Foundation has its roots in an even older medical-academic family tradition, which Dr. Turano had the courage and the brilliant intuition to gather to project it into the future.

In fact, the name Turano is meant to honor the memory of those who, in the Turano family, preceded us: Doctors, Scientists, Professionals of value and in particular our illustrious ancestor Prof. Luigi Turano, President of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM) in the mythical 50s of Radiology and father of Nuclear Radiology, as well as the dedication to medical sciences of a historical family that has several centuries of tradition behind it.

Since January 201, two scientific committees have been established in Rome, where the Foundation resides, to create operational models on Alzheimer’s and Autism. A revolution in healthcare management that builds everything we know in these areas around the patient. The projects of these ideal operating models will be disclosed by the Foundation to all the Clinical Centers concerned, on the national territory, with the purpose of creating networks and databases to support clinical and pharmacological research. The Foundation is strongly convinced that pathologies must be known, disseminated, deepened and the solutions to them, diagnostic and therapeutic, must be shared on the internet.

Today the Foundation, by collecting the important legacy of the Turano family, pursues its statutory purposes by using the proceeds of its heritage to carry out training and research projects in the field of Neuroscience.